tour of Vice-President for Education and Students Affairs at Faculty of Specific Education

During the tour, Prof. Dr. Abdul Fattah Saud praised the importance of the Faculty of Specific Education, which is gaining a historical heritage of its existence within the historic Palace of Talaat Harb. He pointed to the need to take advantage of this historical advantage in directing more attention to the faculty to be a technical house of expertise comparable to the global expert houses and directs its technical consultations to serve the major institutions in society, taking advantage of the expertise of its professors in various technical and educational fields.

Prof. Dr. Amani Hanafi explained that the faculty has 6 scientific sections and is taught by 3 thousand students, pointing out that the exams are conducted in 45 committees of the exam at different stages and scientific sections.

The tour included inspecting a number of terraces, halls and laboratories, as well as following up on the latest developments in the re-establishment of the college theater and the arts hall, stressing the importance of the role of the theater in highlighting the various artistic activities and students. Academy of Arts to enrich the cultural and artistic movement.

He also suggested that an association of faculty graduates should be established to benefit from their experience in the labor market and to transfer them to the students. He also pointed out the need to follow the requirements of the labor market to modernize the curricula and scientific courses in order to ensure a qualified and competitive graduate in the labor market.

During the tour, he listened to the ideas of the students of the faculty and praised the presence of 160 students in the Union of Students of the Faculty of Specific Education, thus becoming the largest union formation at the university level.

He also directed students to think outside the box to come up with creative ideas and new activities that increase their personal character and weight.

He called for the application of sustainability thinking in all activities, in order to maximize the benefit of any idea or activity and achieve a positive return in the long term.

  • Feb 19, 2019