Faculty of Commerce establishes a unit to support students with special abilities

Since 2018 is the year of special needs as a general orientation of the state, the Faculty of Commerce of Ain Shams University has established a unit for students with special abilities under the name of "Special Needs Students Support Unit". The unit serves as a link between the students and the various departments of the Faculty.

Prof. Dr. Khalid Kadri, Dean of the Faculty, said that this comes within the framework of trying to meet their needs, in an attempt to reach them to make their disability a start. He added that attention to those with special abilities is a priority for the next stage, it is necessary to support them.

He pointed out that among the objectives of the unit that seek to support students and communicate between them and the college, and the integration of students in the community, and achieve adaptation and encourage skills through recreational and social activities,

He pointed out that there are some activities to be carried out, including the work of a sports day at the college and introduce students to different games and how to participate in the championship of universities. In addition to organizing a workshop in different areas, and work for students, and the organization of various seminars on how to challenge difficulties and preparing the campus to suit the needs of motor disabilities and ease of use wheelchairs.

  • Nov 6, 2018