Ancient Egyptian Women is the first meeting in the cultural season of the Faculty of Girls

Prof. Dr. Rokaya Shalaby, Dean of the Faculty of Girls, Ain Shams University, opened the first seminar in the cultural season of the Faculty, which is organized by the Community Service and Environmental Development Sector headed by Prof. Dr. Mai Helmy, the Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development.

Prof. Dr. Rokaya Shalaby stressed the importance of the Faculty's administration to establish the cultural season of the faculty each year for its awareness in various cultural, artistic and scientific fields.

Prof. Dr. Mai Helmi added that the faculty is full of senior professors in various fields, enabling it to hold a number of educational seminars and workshops that qualify students to develop their skills and increase communication and interaction between students and their teachers.

Prof. Dr. Aisha Abdel-Al spoke about the role of Egyptian women in the construction of ancient Egypt, where it had a very special status from other Western women who were late in cultural, scientific and social field. It also confirms all indications that Egyptian women as citizens were happy and safe in society doesn't carry any kind of racial or nationality discrimination.

Dr. Aisha said that Egyptian women enjoyed their full social and legal freedom without any precepts where their social and legal status was equal to that of men.

Then Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Sharaoui Professor of Islamic History talked about the manifestations of respect for Egyptian women, especially her father and husband in all aspects of social and political life.

At the end of the seminar, Prof. Dr. Mai Helmy honored Prof. Dr. Ahmed Shaarawi.

  • Nov 4, 2018